A catchy title—around 55 characters or so

Published By: Summer Sisley
Published On: September 25, 2014

Write your blog posts here, and they'll appear on your site.

If you're working on a post, but not ready to publish:

  • On the Publish Status dropdown at the top, select Draft.

When you're ready to publish, select Published. And if you want to delete the post, select Deleted. Of course, click Save at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Include scannable headings like this one

To make bigger text that stands out, create headings like to one above:

  1. First, highlight the text.
  2. To add a heading, highlight text, and then click H3 or H4.

These options refer to the level of the heading. Here, the title of your post is the top-level heading of the post—like a chapter in a book. H3 is a section in that chapter, and H4 is a subsection.

Make your text scannable too

Most people don't read web pages from top to bottom—they scan pages scrolling up and down and reading snippets until they find what they're looking for. This means that you should:

  • Include bulleted lists like this
  • Make important words bold or italicized
  • Include links to other blog posts or pages with more information

Pictures help break up the text

Words are not as interesting as pictures. All it took was a spoonbridge and this article just got way more interesting. So add pictures.

Get blogging!

So get blogging already. Here are a few last minute tips:

  • Write stuff. Tell your customers the latest about your business: what products you have in, any events coming up, or even what you had for breakfast. More posts mean more content for search engines to index. And that means people are more likely to stumble on your site when searching.

  • Short posts are fine. If blogging becomes a time sink or a chore, you'll stop doing it. So if you only have time to write a few paragraphs, then write a short post.

  • Post regularly. An active blog is good for business. If your visitors see that your blog was last updated in 2007, they'll probably think that no one's watching. If they see that the last post was yesterday, they'll know that your site is up to date.